About the Regina Parents of Multiples Association

Mission Statement:

We view ourselves as a welcoming, friendly and inclusive group who offer support, help and advice to families of multiple birth children.  The Regina Parents of Multiples Association (RPOMA) is supported by an elected Executive who are all parents of multiples and understand the joys and difficulties that raising multiple birth children can bring.  Our goal is to bring together like minded families within the community, providing each other with support through membership activities. We provide the opportunity to develop friendships, sharing of experiences and moral support.

Executive Contact Information:

President: Amy Rieger
(info@rpoma.org or (306) 537-8934)

Vice President: Pamela Vukman

Past President: Tanya Kuprowski

Secretary: Tara Freeman

Treasurer: Tara Freeman

Newsletter: Karen Brown

Membership: Leanne Haus


Ani Marinescu

Michelle Gray

Event Correspondents: 

Paula Etienne

Jennifer Gillanders

Michelle Gray

Y's Moms for Multiples: Kelly Jones

Publicity: Sharla Cote


Charity Events: Charlotte Taillon


Sales Committee:

Quinn Hoffman

Melody Hill


Webmaster: Alyssa Beisel